Greetings, this is Paul Wasicka and welcome to my site Kwickfish.com!

It’s been almost two decades, playing tough and uneasy on the royal table of poker. I have been through the ups and downs on poker, and what I have earned to so far is totally out of my expectations. I made my name renowned through out the world of poker.

Dubbed as the “Gambling Master”, I totally want to earn more credit from it. Do you think I had enough? Thinks again, I’m never gonna stop. I’ve taken lots of awards and have made numerous appearances on magazines and shows, I still thirst for more. And as part of my journey and aim to take the number one spot in the world of poker gaming, I Paul made this site possible.

This site will help you out in learning more about poker. I will provide you tips, guides, information and tutorials on how to play and outsmart your opponents. Well now, what else do you need from a pro? Ask me.

Now do you see my card? We’ll, now you don’t.